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If someone asked you what three things would change if you were gifted an extra hour in each day, what would you say?

I have been doing some research into this and asking people what would make the best difference to their lives. The top answers that I got were:

  • I would pay more attention to how I nourish my body - less take outs, fast food and sugar. I would take more time to cook a bit and ensure I give my body healthier food

  • I would stop rushing around so much and take a few moments throughout the day to relax, stop overthinking/stressing and calm my mind

  • I would take some time to get physically fitter so my body feels stronger.

I am offering three hypnotherapy sessions to cover all of these areas so you can feel your best mentally, physically and emotionally.

Beautiful colours and patterns spiral out from the centre of this dahlia to the tips of the petals. It is a perfect example of the harmony of nature.

Many people are now re-evaluating how to bring happiness and harmony to their lives.

Ask yourself “What does the life I want look like? How does it feel? What do I need to do to make this happen?”

These are the things that hypnotherapy can help with - whether you want to become physically fitter and healthier, increase your confidence or open up more to the joy and positivity in life. In hypnotherapy we look at you as a whole person and work on you feeling the best you can, whatever that means for you.

Stoptober is here again. Now is a great time to quit smoking. Covid-19 has meant that people are taking more time to look after their health and well-being, including losing weight, exercising and stopping smoking. Contact me to stop smoking for good.

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