STOPTOBER - it's not too late

Stopping smoking has been in the news recently following the NHS Stoptober campaign. October is not over yet, and there is still time to make this healthy change in your life!

Almost a quarter of the population smoke and at any one time around 68% want to quit.  There are many ways to stop smoking - nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes, medication, will-power and hypnotherapy.  Many people just use one of these but hypnotherapy can be successfully used either on its own or in addition to any of these to provide additional support.

In hypnotherapy we don't just increase your will-power and your resolution, we address every possibly obstacle that may stand in your way of success.  This makes it much more likely you will succeed.

Here is some feedback from some of my clients over the past few weeks:

"Since I saw you I have not smoked. Furthermore, it has been relatively easy so far. If giving up would normally be a ten for difficulty, I would say this has been no more than a three and at no point have I been close to having a smoke."

"Thank you seems inadequate (as you may have added several years to my life), but it is much deserved. I have started to pass on your details to other smokers as well as support and praise for your treatment."

 "I came to you when my grandson was born to help me stop smoking. That was 8 month ago today and I haven't had even one... a million thanks"

"Just a quick note to say thank you... 6 months smoke free now since I came to see you...Can't tell you how grateful I am, and I've passed your number on to anyone who'll listen!"