It's Nearly Holiday Time Again!

It’s coming round to holiday time again – turquoise seas, white sand, beautiful scenery and, for many people, a whole lot of stress.

According to Dr. Dwight Damon, president of the National Guild of Hypnotists, “we are seeing a sharp increase in demand for hypnotists who can assist today’s airline passengers manage their stress of flying. The anticipated stress of flying is causing many people to avoid flying altogether or to delay their travel plans until absolutely necessary but for the business flyer especially, travel is unavoidable.”

Dr. Damon cited several potential stress creators that can put a traveller over the edge.

“The check-in process, going through the security checkpoints, dealing with extra fees for luggage, and simply being among other stressed out travellers whose behaviour impacts everyone-all contribute to a potential disaster if the traveller isn’t ready to manage his or her stress,” Dr. Damon said.

“In spite of the added measures today, the air traveller still has many aspects of their experience still within their control,” said Dr. Damon. “It starts with picturing a positive experience, and with having personal strategies for dealing with the myriad issues that are bound to arise during the travel experience. How you decide to react to a situation that arises will heighten or lessen your personal stress, and the stress of those around you.”

There are several things you can do to make the whole experience much more pleasant and relaxing. First of all, travellers should make a conscious decision to do everything they can to make the flight a positive experience.  This includes being organised, having all your documents to hand, leaving enough time to get to the airport etc.

Getting your mind into a calm and positive state both before and during the flight will also help you to feel more positive before you fly and more relaxed during the flight so that you arrive at your destination in the best frame of mind, ready to really enjoy your holiday.

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, giving you strategies to reduce your stress and associate flying with being calm and positive.  Hypnotherapy is effective whether your trigger points are the worry about safety, the possibility of turbulence or just being on a plane for a period of time.

So, live life to the full this year.  Enjoy the thought of going on holiday and instead of worrying about how anxious you might feel, think of how much fun you might have instead!