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Are you Suffering From Burnout?

Updated: Feb 3

Burnout is on the increase.  It can make you chronically exhausted, cynical and ineffective at what you are doing.  It stops you pursuing a healthy, happy and productive work life, but can also affect your home life, too.

As employers are expecting more and more of people in the taut economic climate, the pressure on employees is building up and causing high levels of stress and unhappiness.  This leads to a toxic workplace environment with back-biting, gossiping and poor communication between work colleagues.

Although some of this might be out of your control, there are some things that you do to help you feel more positive, motivated and productive again i.e. take control of what you can take control of.

These positive steps include:

  • focusing more of your time on tasks that are fulfilling and give a greater sense of reward

  • improving the quality of workplace relationships by showing trust, respect, sharing information and encouraging others to do these things too

  • improving your self-management skills by better prioritisation and goal setting

  • being positive in your attitude as this helps you feel better and increases positive feelings in others which leads to a more pleasant and productive working environment

If you feel you might be suffering from burnout and are feeling tired, bitter and fed up, then hypnotherapy can help refocus you to get back your motivation, feel more energised and get the most out of the time you spend at work.  It may even lead to a realisation that it is time to go for that promotion or even move on to a new job.


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