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Emotional Turmoil

Have you noticed that you feel more irritable recently? A lot of people at the moment are finding that they have less patience and their mood is less stable than normal. As a result of coronavirus and lockdown people have heightened worries about their families, their jobs and their health.  On top of this their routines and regular outlets for managing stress and anxiety are not as accessible. This can lead to people experiencing wildly fluctuating emotions.

The goal of hypnotherapy is not to suppress the emotions, but to work with you to achieve a more balanced and calm state of being where you notice your emotions and choose how to react to them. This helps you achieve better emotional regulation so you can express feelings in ways which are productive, instead of lashing out in fear or anger, freeing up time and energy for more positive emotions and experiences.

I am still working online.  To book an appointment, message me or give me a ring. There is still help and support for you, even in lockdown - you are not on your own. 


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