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Mind Over Matter

I recently had an operation and the first 24 hours were just a fog of anaesthetic and morphine, but once I got through that I started to assess myself and how I felt.  I began to concentrate on other parts of my body that felt more comfortable, I imagined a gentle heat on the discomfort and imagined the pain shrinking and getting smaller and smaller.  Then I began to imagine myself feeling well, moving around and laughing.  It was difficult to transport myself in my mind from my pain and my hospital bed to this much better self but it was certainly a nicer place to be!

Recovery has been an up and down process but I have continued to use hypnosis and I am recovering well, have a lot of energy and feel very positive.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are very useful for managing pain and have been used for this purpose for hundreds of years.

James Esdaile was a Scottish surgeon in the early 1800's who pioneered a hypnosis technique (then called mesmerism) to use on his patients before surgery. He performed over 300 operations using this technique when working in India. The hypnosis provided analgesia for his patients and greatly increased the success rate of the surgery and the patients' comfort.

In recognition of his skills a mesmeric hospital was opened to continue his work and he was appointed to the position of Presidency Surgeon.

Hypnotherapy continues to be used in a medical setting today for things such as dental work, pain, IBS, anxiety and the treatment of burns.

I see many people who want help - either to manage short term pain such as for a surgical procedure or to help them manage long term diagnosed pain.

There are many techniques in hypnotherapy that are used to help people reduce or eliminate their pain and regain control, making life much more comfortable again.  I will work with you, personalising the hypnotherapy to get the very best results that we can.


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