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Neuroplasticity - Change Your Brain and Change Your Life

The adult brain is not “hard-wired”. as we used to think. It has the ability to change continuously through all of our lives. There is now significant research and evidence in neuroscience to show that the brain can be reorganised. This is called neuroplasticity and it can be seen taking place in the brain on an MRI scan.

The way we view and react to the world, people, situations and even ourselves is all based on patterns that have been created in our brains throughout our lives. If you change these patterns, you change your life. With all of the research, we know that this is not just wishful thinking or “mind over matter” but is a physical change in the electrical connections in the brain which we can manipulate to create a new way of being.

This rewiring is much easier and quicker than we thought because “neurons that fire together wire together” (Donald Hebb, Neuropsychologist). Hypnotherapy initiates and strengthens this rewiring, bringing specific measurable change to our thinking patterns. It helps you to create and repeat behaviours, habits and thoughts that are healthy for you and break behaviours, habits and thoughts that are not.

When we think about behaviour and habits, it is not just things like stopping smoking or eating healthier, but also includes removing negative thinking patterns, allowing life to feel easier and more fun, breaking the anxious thought patterns, feeling more self-confident etc.

Here is a great TED talk on the subject: After Watching This Your Brain Will Not Be The Same


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