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Spring is Here!

Spring has sprung at last and we can feel some warm sunshine and some longer days.

Spring is a very forward looking season associated with new growth, regeneration and energy. It is a good time to focus on yourself - looking at how things are now and assessing what you would like to change to bring you back in line with your values, your aims and even your dreams in life.

It is time to wake up your mind. We can’t always change what is going on in life around us. It is like watching a film play out in front of us sometimes, but we can change the way we experience the film. We can change the way we experience life. It is your mind rather than events that determines the quality of your life. Your mind is the basis of everything you experience. Once you truly realise this, it is liberating.

It is this aspect of the human mind that hypnosis targets. Think about how you would like to change the way you think about things. Maybe you want to feel that life is a bit easier, take the emotion out of food, let go of anxiety or remind yourself of the fun and the joy in life.

You can do this. With help, your mind can automatically make these changes for you. How do you want to think about yourself, think about life? What do you want to wake up inside of you? Whatever it is, hypnosis can make these changes blossom surprisingly quickly and at a very deep subconscious level. Time to give your mind a Spring clean!


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