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When do I Take Action? When do I Let Go?

Do you feel that might snap?  That you might explode in anger or implode and simply go into shut-down as you can’t cope?  If you do, you are not alone.  There are several recognised triggers for these feelings and if one or more of these buttons are pressed, then it can make us feel as if we are spiralling out of control. 

The triggers are:

L - Life or Limb i.e. is our survival threatened?

I - Insult – has someone offended us?

F - Family Aggression – have we got issues going on in our family?

E - Environment – what is happening around us?  Is our territory being invaded?

M - Mate – is there trouble with our relationship?

O - Organisation – has the order of things/rules by which we live by been disrupted?

R - Resources or Lack of them – do we have the money, support to do what we need to?

T - Tribe – has our “us or them” button been pressed?

S - Stop – Do we feel trapped, restrained or cornered?

As soon as you feel angry or completely overwhelmed ask yourself if it is one of these LIFEMORTS situations. If it is, identify if you do really need to act i.e. is this a serious situation which requires immediate, powerful action?  If it is, act now.  However, all too often it is something more like a driver has cut us up on the road.

Some of the triggers are pressed in this scenario:

Environment - our territory around us has been invaded

Organisation – someone has violated the rules of the road

Stop – we feel hemmed in by this other car

However, it is not a life and death situation and we can actually take a step back.  We don’t need to become aggressive or quietly stressed and anxious about it. These triggers are very sensitive to stress and the more stressed we are, the more likely we are to react to them.

Hypnotherapy can help you identify your own triggers, put these things into context and find the balance again so that you are more calm and deal with things in a confident and positive way.


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