Here are a few things that people recently said about Fylde Hypnotherapy:

I have not smoked since my appointment so this is such a positive as I have felt upset with other things going on. My cough has cleared and I can’t thank you enough. I am recommending you to my friends. Pippa

I am very pleased to tell you I went out on bonfire night for the very first time in my life and managed to cope with all the 
fireworks and and bangs. I am so proud of myself, but most of all very grateful to you for all your help. Joan

I haven’t had a cigarette and I am a non-smoker for ever. My cough has totally gone and my voice is back to normal. All in all I feel fabulous. Thank you so much, the best money I ever spent. Jill

Thank you so much, I can’t believe it! I have just got back from my first fear-free flight in 20 years! No tears, no panic, it was amazing. You have opened up my whole world. The flight was amazing, I was relaxed and I enjoyed the whole thing, even the bumpy landing. I am so grateful – thank you again! Robert

Hi Lauren, I have just caught a huge house spider on my own! I was that happy I cried! Cannot believe you've fixed 23 years of fear!! Cannot thank you enough!! Helen

Hi Lauren, just a quick note to say thank you... 6 months smoke free now since I came to see you last October. Can't tell you how grateful I am, and I've passed your number on to anyone who'll listen! Malcolm

I have been thrilled with the results after our last session - funnily enough, one of the additional benefits has been a noticeable increase in my creativity at work! Amazing! I have been spreading the good word. Katherine (on healthy eating)

I just wanted to say thank you, I had my interview and presentation last week and it went great. For the first time ever I just had butterflies like you would expect, the blind panic was completely gone! It went so well that I received my acceptance letter yesterday so I really couldn't be happier. Liz

I came to you when my grandson was born to help me stop smoking - well that was 8 month ago today and I haven’t had even one. A million thanks. Kath

(Giving up smoking) has been relatively easy so far. If giving up would normally be a ten for difficulty, I would say this has been no more than a three and at no point have I been close to having a cigarette. Thank you seems inadequate (as you may have added several years to my life), but it is much deserved. I have started to pass on your details to other smokers as well as support and praise for your treatment. Maggie

(Hypnotherapy for birth) I went in at 5.30am and was fully dilated. After 1 hour of pushing she arrived. Just the use of the gas and air and paracetamol. I want to say a huge thank you for giving me the confidence to believe my body knew what to do and enabling me to enjoy the experience. We even made the midwife cry with how calm we were! I was thrilled with my labour and have positive memories of it which to say I was so scared of it amazes me. Thank you for all of your help. Katie