Empowered birth with hypnotherapy

Empowered birth with hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy for Birth is a proven, effective way to:

  • shorten labour times
  • reduce the need for chemical pain relief 
  • reduce stress or anxiety, not just for the mother but the baby too
  • reduce the need for forceps, ventouse or caesarean section
  • reduce the likelihood of complications 

Hypnosis for Birth Programme

My Hypnosis for Birth Programme provides you with:

  • Easy, effective techniques to manage pain
  • Calming and relaxation techniques
  • More confidence in your ability to achieve the birth you want

You will feel empowered to work with your body throughout labour and birth when you learn to relax and stay calm.

Hypnosis for Birth will teach you calming, relaxation and visualisation techniques to empower you to work effectively with your body throughout labour and birth.  It will also teach you ways to reduce the sensation of pain and enable you to gain more and more confidence in your abilities.

When you learn to relax and stay calm you can begin to trust your instinct and ensure that the birth hormones work at their optimum levels to help your labour progress smoothly and positively.

Specialist Qualification

As well as being a qualified hypnotherapist I am also a qualified antenatal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and have been teaching antenatal classes for over fifteen years. 


The programme consists of three one hour sessions and includes a special CD for birth which you will be able to use at home leading up to the birth. The cost of the total programme including the CD is £100.

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