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Hypnotherapy for Weight Reduction

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Hypnotherapy for
Weight Reduction

Most people who want to lose weight know about healthy eating and have tried various diets. These can work in the short term but often you will put the weight back on again and sometimes end up weighing more than you did before.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works by ending that constant battle about food so that you stop thinking about what you should or should not eat during the day. My weight loss programme does not use special diets or exercises. It instead enables you to develop new thoughts and a healthy relationship with food, by:

  • thinking about food only when necessary

  • eating only what your body needs.

The benefits extend much further than the weight loss. You will find you become more focused and motivated as you are no longer distracted by calorie-counting or the guilt associated with endless diets and food trends. 


Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you to feel better about yourself, take back control and improve your self esteem.

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