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Become a Qualified Hypnotherapist

"The quality of the portfolios is a testament to the excellent standards of training at your school." 

The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) 



Lauren is also the founder and director of a Nationally Accredited hypnotherapy school, The Academy of Hypnotherapy. The Academy is based in the North West of England and offers a comprehensive programme of accredited training for those who want to begin a new career as a hypnotherapist or would like to explore opportunities for self development. 
The extensive curriculum is one of the most comprehensive you will find and provides you with a full range of competencies, including business and practice management, as well as practical hypnotherapy skills.
This means that you are business-ready and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to set up your own practice straight away. 
The Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD) is a nationally-taught clinical hypnotherapy qualification delivered by a professionally recognised school. It combines the best aspects of classical and modern hypnotherapy techniques necessary for successful hypnotherapy practice. 


The Academy of Hypnotherapy has an outstanding 100% pass rate and is one of the highest rated training schools in the North West. 


Visit The Academy of Hypnotherapy website for more information.





Become a Hypnotherapist 

        September 2024 course now booking! 

A white student with grey hair and a pink scarf is hypnotised by another white student with grey hair who is wearing an shirt
The students sit around a big table

The Academy of Hypnotherapy September 2023 Cohort

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